The full out of pocket price for our services is TYPICALLY LESS than your deductible and/or patient responsibility for a hospital birth!

We bill a 'global fee' for your year of care. This includes prenatal care, on call personal support from your midwives, labor and delivery, 6 weeks hands on postpartum care for mom and baby, tub for water birth,  lifelong breastfeeding support, and more. There are no hidden fees.
>>This includes anything that comes up and does not change with longer births, etc.
We have a full fee schedule available at consults or by request at any time.

I’m intentional to keep fees as low as possible. I’ve been told many times that the quality of care you get with me is worth thousands more.

I will work with most insurances and health shares, and offer cash pay discounts for those who choose not to use insurance or whose insurance does not cover our service fee. I have a privately funded financial assistance program for those who want a home birth but need a little help.