"Kelsey showed me what it means to operate from love, not fear.
Having the loving care and guidance from Kelsey was a universal blessing. She has birthed two babies of her own in power, love, respect, trust and intimacy, Kelsey is a force of wisdom and bright light from the source."


"Kelsey is an awesome lady. For my birth she was as hands on or hands off as I needed her to be at that particular moment. Great combination of professionalism and friendliness, I'm so glad Kelsey was my midwife!"

-Taylor S.

Kelsey Spanbauer



Birth has captured me. I feel at home next to a woman in labor; the most bewildering sense of awe, respect, and victory next to a mom holding her new baby. I believe that God has designed me for this work; to be an intuitive, compassionate, strong, and truth-bearing servant to the women of our world. I believe that every woman should be treated with dignity, respect, and trust during their childbearing year; that they should be thoroughly celebrated, and that they should have access to the highest quality of maternity care. I have committed myself to be trained, skilled, humble, and ever learning so that I can give women the same care that I want to receive. Excellent midwifery care nurtures the body, mind, spirit, and soul; and promotes growth in both the mother and the midwife. Excellent midwifery care changes the nations one woman at a time. If you wish to nurture a nation, nurture it's women.

In 2016 I had the opportunity to work as a midwife with refugees from the Syrian and Afghan conflicts. This has deeply impacted and inspired me. I have dreams to reach the women of the world through midwifery care, from the U.S. to the Middle East and back. There is a never-ending need for midwives, and I hope to be a part of training up women from countries in need who have hearts to serve and will go back home to work in their communities. This is how we can save lives, and love well: through the compassionate and skilled hands of wise women serving women. I am certain that the future holds more of this work for me; but for now I'm delighted to use my skills and passion in Central Oregon, loving my family and yours!

Birth Philosophy

I believe that all women deserve compassionate, professional, respectful, honest,, and evidence based care.


I believe that the greatest legacy women leave behind is the love they give their children and that that love begins in the womb. This love is how we change the world!

I believe that women are powerful, strong, and have  the wisdom they need for birth and motherhood seeded within them. I love to help them to discover it, nurture it, celebrate it, and pass it on to the next generation. 

I believe that pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period are sacred, God-designed, powerful, beautiful, and natural parts of life that should be honored, protected, celebrated, trusted, and cherished.

I believe that home birth is a safe, excellent, empowering, respectful, and truly incredible way for mothers to welcome their babies.

I believe that the midwifery model of care and home birth are the gold-standard for maternity care around the globe.

I believe that women have the right to make all choices regarding their pregnancy and birth with full autonomy, freedom, and confidence; and that midwives can help give parents the information and support they need to make those choices.