Free Consultation 

Midwifery care is uniquely personal. I’d love to meet you and yours before you join the Eden family. Common topics are safety, birth philosophy, your prior birth experience, concerns, questions, finances, birth preferences, and practice structure; you decide! Plan for about 45 minutes. 


Homebirth package

This is my specialty, homebirth is what we do! Not only have I LOVED having my own two babies at home; but I’ve been able to witness hundreds of others make way to mommy’s arms at home. It is a safe, empowering, and beautiful gift to give yourself an your baby. My home birth package includes all the necessities, with a little extra fluff. It includes: all routine and non routine prenatal visits, on call support for your entire pregnancy, prenatal education during visits, nutritional counseling, labor, and 4 weeks postpartum, continuous care in labor, 2-3 home visits in the first week postpartum, 2-3 postpartum office visits for mom and baby, comprehensive breastfeeding support, natural remedies, and more! I refer to CORA for ultrasounds, and do blood draws in office, so you don’t need to go to the lab. Fathers and children are encouraged to join you for your visits and get hands on as they feel comfortable.

Water Birth 

Let the water carry some of the weight and ease your burden of labor. It’s called the midwife’s epidural for a reason! I have multiple professional birth tubs to choose from, and provide them at no additional cost.